Welfare Call is delighted to announce a new partnership with Capita One B2B Open Exports

Posted by on 17th June 2017

For a long time now, Welfare Call has had the ability to provide authorities reports in XML format, which can then be imported manually by our customers into their Capita One systems. Historically, this saved you manually inputting the attendance from daily reports yourselves.


Welfare Call is delighted to announce a new partnership with Capita which will improve this process even further.  With the new Capita One B2B Open system, we can seamlessly provide the XML files (like before), but these can now be transmitted securely from our server to the customer’s server, and automatically import into your database, without the need for any user-interaction by the authority!

The process is all handled automatically by the B2B Open front end. Our version of B2B Open is configured with the authority’s user name, password and secure URL where we deposit the files, your version of B2BOpen picks up the files that we auto-deposit and these import into your internal database.
Welfare Call would like to stress that whilst we are not charging for this option, Capita will be charging as they will treat this as an ‘additional add on’ to your existing Capita One system, which will require a purchase, so please contact your Capita representative for further details.