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    Virtual Schools

    The Welfare Call Group was established in 2002 to assist local authorities, virtual schools, education services, social services and children’s and families’ departments in meeting their statutory obligations with regards to monitoring vulnerable children, improving their educational outcomes and ‘narrowing the attainment gap’.
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    Designated Teachers

    Welfare Call actively supports Designated Teachers to enable them to be the focal point within the school environment. By using Welfare Call’s single platform, DT’s can share data across all key stakeholders ensuring there is multi-agency engagement. This ultimately ensures there are clearer plans, actions and targets in place for the betterment of the vulnerable children.
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    Social Workers

    The Welfare Call Group assists Social Workers to enable them to fulfil their key role of supporting the education of children in care. This is driven by the ability to provide them with up-to-date attendance information along with a platform to initiate robust and comprehensive personal education plans.
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    Education Provisions

    Welfare Call make over 9500 daily calls on behalf of the corporate parent to education provisions throughout the UK to collect the attendance data (and subsequent reasons for absence where necessary) for looked after and vulnerable children.
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We collect and analyse data for75%of UK Local Authorities

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Customer Testimonials

  • Education is actively promoted for children in care and the virtual school is increasingly effective in ensuring that children make good progress and reach their potential. The quality and timeliness of personal education plans have improved significantly. Children benefit from regular reviews of their progress.

    London Borough of Waltham Forest – Children’s Services Inspection – 28/01/2019
  • The strong emphasis on ensuring that PEPs are of good quality and completed in a timely way is contributing well to children’s progress.

    London Borough of Enfield – Children’s Services Inspection – 04/03/2019
  • The virtual school provides effective support for the progress and attainment of children in care. The virtual school team has a sound understanding of the progress that children are making. As a result of effective support, many make good progress from their starting points. Personal education plans are mostly of good quality; they are reviewed termly and clearly identify the support that children need. Interventions are tailored to children’s needs and support their progress well.

    London Borough of Barnet – Children’s Services Inspection – 13/05/2019
  • Children and young people make good educational progress in care. Those who do not attend school have prompt access to suitable, good-quality registered alternative provision. Children’s progress is closely reviewed through personal education plans which have well-written targets, and this is an improvement since the last inspection. Urgent action is taken if children are missing from education or if their attendance reduces.

    Worcestershire County Council – Children’s Services Inspection – 17/06/2019
  • Personal education plans (PEPs) provide a sound basis to plan and review the progress children make. Children in care receive effective support from the virtual school staff, who understand their individual needs and act as effective advocates for them. This helps children stay on track to achieve their goals, and, consequently, many make good progress from their starting points.

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets – Children’s Services Inspection – 10/06/2019
  • The virtual school systematically monitors and evaluates the quality of personal education plans (PEPs), and, as a result, the quality of plans is improving. All PEPs have a clear focus on academic progress.

    Swindon Borough Council – Children’s Services Inspection – 01/07/2019
  • The rate of children’s attendance at school is rising. Relationships between the virtual school and designated teachers are strong. The personal education plan (PEP) process is well established and comprehensive. Children are making good educational progress.

    Cornwall Council – Children’s Services Inspection – 14/10/2019
  • The virtual school has a clear sense of purpose and direction and makes good use of performance data to target its activity to best effect. As a result, its influence and impact continue to grow. Ninety-six per cent of children in care have an up-to-date personal education plan (PEP). Better use is being made of the pupil premium grant.

    Bedford Borough Council – Children’s Services Focused Visit – 23/10/2019
  • Electronic personal education plans are detailed, focus on the key areas, and include pupil targets and the pupils’ perspectives. A range of extra-curricular activities are available to support and enrich the lives of children in care. The virtual school carefully tracks the progress of all pupils and is quick to intercede should a child’s attendance start to reduce.

    London Borough of Harrow – Children’s Services Inspection – 10/02/2020
  • Children in care have positive education experiences. In school, children in care have good attendance and behaviour. Permanent and fixed exclusions for pupils who are in care are low. The virtual school provides good support for schools to produce increasingly effective personal education plans, which include clear targets and the voice of the pupil. The engagement of children in care and care leavers in their education and pathway plans is improving.

    Rutland County Council – Children’s Services Inspection – 02/03/2020
  • All children in care, including those placed out of area, had an online personal education plan (PEP) meeting during the national lockdown, and this provided a good line of sight into the experiences of these children.

    London Borough of Merton – Children’s Services Inspection – 06/10/2020

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