Our ePEP improves the quality and efficiency of Personal Education Plans (PEP), whilst making the process of completion more streamlined and user friendly. Produced in a standardised format, the ePEP also allows personalisation to meet bespoke requirements.

This level of flexibility enables us to build an PEP document to meet the requirements of all ages, including both Pre-school and Post 16. In addition, it is possible to limit certain fields within an PEP to specific year groups, for example; asking about post 16 destination planning or careers interviews etc.

With individual sections for health, SEN, pupil premium, attainment results and future needs and intervention, it allows  access to a wide array of data and produces a number of different reports that are vital to monitoring a child’s progress whilst in care.

Authorities, Virtual Schools, social workers and designated Looked After Children teachers also have the ability to access the ePEP 24/7, meaning that certain forms/fields can be completed prior to a meeting taking place. This again means that more time can be allocated to the things that are necessary during the actual meeting. Once ePEPs are completed they will be kept within the child’s document section within our secure extranet system meaning that all parties can reflect back on previous ePEP meetings with ease without having to find paper copies of the document. Furthermore, information within certain sections of the ePEP will be retained in subsequent PEPs, e.g. previous school history, so that as the child progresses through education their ePEP documentation will too.

In addition to the ePEP document itself, the service also provides a reporting suite which includes the ability to manage pupil premium expenditure, as well as a customisable Virtual School dashboard to manage data-flow and responsibility for each  user.

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