Empowering Communities and Protecting Vulnerable Individuals: Welfare Call’s Role in Safeguarding

Posted by on 23rd August 2023

Ensuring the safety and well-being of children and young people is a paramount concern to local authorities. The prevalence of issues related to child abuse, neglect, and exploitation demands a robust and comprehensive approach, and Welfare Call stands at the forefront, playing a key role in empowering communities and protecting vulnerable individuals.


Child Protection and Safeguarding: A Top Priority

Local authorities, councillors, and officers are entrusted with the crucial task of addressing issues related to child abuse and neglect. The multifaceted nature of these challenges requires a dedicated and systematic approach to ensure the safety of vulnerable populations.


We recognise this at Welfare Call and are a key player in supporting local authorities in their focus on child protection and safeguarding. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to address the unique challenges associated with child protection, and we positively support local authorities in fulfilling their mission through:


  • Timely and Accurate Monitoring: Welfare Call’s services facilitate the timely and accurate monitoring of over 40,000 vulnerable individuals on a daily basis. Through our advanced systems and technologies, we help ensure that no red flags go unnoticed. This proactive approach empowers local authorities with real-time information, enabling them to respond swiftly to emerging issues reduce disengagement with education and improve educational outcomes.



  • Collaboration and Coordination: Welfare Call fosters collaboration and coordination among various key stakeholders who are responsible for the safeguarding and monitoring of vulnerable children and young people. By serving as a bridge between local authorities, schools, social care, and other relevant agencies, we create a network that works in unison to safeguard vulnerable individuals. This collaborative effort is instrumental in creating a protective shield around communities.


By providing tailored assistance, ensuring accountability through attendance, and fostering collaborative reviews, Welfare Call plays a pivotal role in both a child’s educational journey and their preparation for adulthood.




We provide valuable strategic information for Virtual Schools and Directors of Children’s Services and Social Care which helps safeguard the vulnerable cohorts and identify barriers to poor educational outcomes.



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Welfare Call currently works with over 100 local authorities in the UK, helping education services, social services, and children’s and families’ departments in meeting their statutory obligations and duties with regard to monitoring vulnerable children and improving their educational outcomes. Get in touch to find out more.