Come and meet us at the National Children and Adult Services Conference 2023

Posted by on 20th November 2023

We’re excited to announce our participation in this year’s National Children and Adult Services Conference, a must-attend event for councillors, directors, senior officers, directors of public health, policymakers and service managers, and any individuals or organisations with responsibilities for children and adult services in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.


The conference is a great opportunity for those with an interest in social care, children’s services, education, health and related fields to network with peers and hear the very latest thinking on key policy and improvement agendas. At Welfare Call, we remain committed to empowering communities and protecting vulnerable individuals, and here are some key areas we invite you to explore with us during the conference:


1. Unifying services for better care: Welfare Call supports big data analytics and collaboration that results in the creation of a ‘golden record’ – a comprehensive and cohesive view of a child’s information, ensuring all stakeholders have access to accurate and up-to-date data which enhances the efficiency of decision-making processes.


2. Bridging the gap in education equality: By aligning financial resources with data-driven insights, Welfare Call maximises the impact every investment has on shaping educational outcomes, particularly for students facing economic challenges.


3. Maximising resources and minimising costs: Welfare Call’s commitment to cost-effectiveness, coupled with the power of advanced analytics, means service managers can navigate the challenging landscape of funding limitations while maintaining the highest standards of care for their communities.


4. Empowering communities and protecting vulnerable individuals: Welfare Call’s advanced systems and technologies help ensure that no red flags go unnoticed, and this proactive approach means you can respond swiftly to emerging issues and tailor interventions based on specific needs and circumstances.


5. Ensuring every SEND child’s unique needs are met: Welfare Call enables authorities to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of interventions, and make necessary adjustments to better support children with SEND while at the same time promoting accountability across specialist provisions.



We look forward to discussing this and much more with councillors, directors, policymakers and service managers at the #ncasc23 event in Bournemouth next week. Come and see us on stand E24 to find out more.


Event Details: National Children and Adult Services Conference 2023

Date: Weds 29th Nov – Fri 1st Dec 2023

Location: Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Rd, Bournemouth BH2 5BH

Stand: E24

Attending: Rebecca Fevers (Head of Product Development), Andrew Henderson (Managing Director) and Matthew Mann (Head of Business Development)